About Shawn & Kira

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Who are Shawn and Kira?

Based out of a small Philadephia suberb (West Chester), Shawn and Kira is a pop duo consisting of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Shawn O'Donnell along with vocalist Kira Clements. Their debut EP 'Unexpected' is a short collection of charming pop songs riddled with jazzy guitars and back and forth vocal performances. Drawing influence from the likes of John Mayer to Regina Spektor, their style is a blend of pop, folk and  For live performances, they strip away most of the instrumentation for a layed back acoustic experience.


Shawn O'Donnell - Guitar/Vocals

Shawn is the main instrumentalist and lead vocalist in the duo. When not working at Guitar Center he spends most of his time skateboarding, playing video games and eating.

Kira Clements - Vocals/Piano/Ukulele

Kira is the lead vocalist in the duo. She first found her love of music through theatre at a young age but is excited to explore a new world of recording and live performance.